Climate change and plant resilience

Due to climate change, the impact of stress on plant growth and development is a pressing issue.

Better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of plant acclimation to stress can provide a significant key to future crop improvement strategies.

The MENTOR program will teach the necessary expertise to address these challenges as a blend of different skills, such as technical application,data analysis, and knowledge transfer from basic to applied plant science

The importance of PTMs

Post-translational modifications (PTMs) of proteins are at the center of plant-environment perception and acclimation. Our knowledge how PTMs contribute to resilience is, however, still limited.

To advance our understanding of the ability of plants to adapt to stress conditions, MENTOR will combine forces to study

  1. how PTMs affect the activity and function of selected proteins,
  2. how PTMs interact in the context of stress acclimation in subcellular pathways
  3. how PTMs influence physiological responses both in model plants and crops.



Overview of PTMs that will be part of MENTOR research